Does anyone wear a Ruby helmet. I am giving it a serious thought recently

Does anyone wear a Ruby helmet? I am giving it a serious thought recently... might be my next helmet

  • ahem... what does "rad" mean ?

  • "radical" dude! as in positive apraisal... :)

  • Phew! I'm getting old... :/

  • Fresh! I thought some ECE rated helmets were sold in the States? In any case, with these retro style helmets, the lack of proper ventilation deters me from buying them...other than the price.

  • I confirm, they are ECE and US-DOT approved.

  • there are some ece, it just depends if the particular helmets have been tested for the euro market, ece is the equivalent of dot in the US, I think what yall are thinking of is Snell, which is the highest grade of testing for safety in the world. all biltwell are dot (except the novelty) and I don't think were tested for euro market, hence they don't have ece.

  • biltwell is a smaller company than bell. and cater more to the us market.

  • Got that. I was referring to the Premier. ;)

  • I know, i was referring to the comments before, I felt like there was some miscommunication. tje premier looks really cool

  • Yeah... rad!!!! ;-)