Does anyone know which. if any. other shocks from other bikes fit the 1100c


Does anyone know which(if any) other shocks from other bikes fit the 1100c?

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  • If its the slower d version then a zzr1200 shock will fit .

  • Of course not.

  • Hush up trouble maker

  • Lol is that a straight fit???

  • I think your only option is after market hagon etc

  • I think it requires minimal modification. Im sure someone on here has done it. Ive still got a hagon waiting to go in my d !!

  • Taking old one to a suspension shop tomorrow as a last resort.Will post the verdict.

  • Stephen Parr just added a 1200 rear shock to his D

  • Are you sure the D is slower colin ;)

  • I have a old zx10 in mine

  • Interesting, much needed modding?

  • Is that the time???? :D

  • No bolted right in but mine is a C so much the same just pump up if and when

  • I know :D