• Does anyone know what transmission fluid I need to run in my 85 kx 500

    Does anyone know what transmission fluid I need to run in my 85 kx 500? My clymer book says 15w 40 transmission oil but I can't find that anywhere

    • I run this in all my 2 smokers without any dramas including my oldest bike that I've raced for 20 years

    • I've ran atf type f in all my 2 strokes and the rebuilds are immaculate. It does tend to get leaky because it isn't as viscous, but it doesn't get any cheaper, and I like having the detergents to keep thing's nice and shiny.

    • yep,motul is the go,best oil

    • ATF is all I've ever run with no vowels issues with tranny or clutch. Type f

    • Vowel issues?

    • Yep ,no IOU s

    • *clutch

    • I use rotella 15w40 its a dieawl oil it's what rekluse recommends good in any wet clutch I use it and when I change my oil it comes out looking fresh not black or steely

    • Get it at any auto store in 5 quart jug

    • Lol. riding racing for 41 years, just put what ever 10-30 10-40 I had laying around in any 2 stroke tranny I've had, I use and abuse my bikes, never ever ever had a transmission failure, one clutch and that was a '82 YZ125 notorious for a weak clutch.

    • Rotella safe to use and cheap

    • I think that is my old bike . where did you get it?

    • Some kid in rolla Missouri had it. Its for sale if you're looking to get some old memories back

    • No I had it for like a week lol. Sold it for cheap

    • Chris Case I was on the same page lmao my bike u got off me haha

    • Yeah I remember all that shit I let u talk me into trading for lmao