Does anyone know what the standard fork spring rate is The dive under braking...


Does anyone know what the standard fork spring rate is? The dive under braking is excessive. Also what oil do people reccomend? 10-15w?

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  • Don't bother with what people recommend, check the Kwaka owner's manual. You can swap for progressive springs with 5W oil. I have the oem set up and it's fine by me.

  • Got progressive springs and standard oil. I'm very happy with it.

  • Don’t know your location, David. But here in the states I upgraded my suspension with Hagons on the rear from Dave Quinn’s shop based on his recommendations. He also recommended Race Tech springs and a local authorized technician to install them per their recommendations. His recommendations were based on my weight and riding style. These mods eliminated the front end dive during braking and improved the handling, but stiffened the ride, too. That was 20K plus miles ago and I’m happy with the results.

  • Also had my local builder put on Racetech springs and emulators. Feels awesome. Stiff at first but more forgiving after a few thousand miles.

  • My Race Tech paperwork says stock fork spring rate is .620 kg/mm stock.

  • Thanks Jerry, that is soft! Do you know what your race tech ones are or are they progressive? I'd rather stick with linear springs, I'm hoping to find a set out of another bike that fit the bill.... I'll look for .75/.8 I think.

  • "IF" I'm reading it correctly ... I now have .950 kg/mm springs.

  • Thanks :) What do you weigh?

  • I just ordered a set of .8 Racetech springs for my W650. They are single rate. This is the softest they offer. I am about 165 lbs. the RaceTech site has a plug-in feature to give you an idea what spring stiffness would be appropriate.

  • Approximately 220 lbs. 6' 2".