Does anyone know what the best speed RPM is for the Versys 1000 to get best...


Does anyone know what the best speed\RPM is for the Versys 1000 to get best range?

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  • Dont push trottle fast,but use the torque of the engine and at high gear or when U are shifting 4-5000 rpm at moste . . . . 5000 rpm speed 130km/h for top limited speed on highway in our country . . this picture is proof that U can enjoy dinamic ride and save some money . . I ride Versys 1000,2014 model year . .

  • I find that at 130km/h @ 5000RPM my range is considerably lower.

  • Yes it is if U drive a lot at this speed . . I use highway little as posibile . . range is from 200 to 350 km and it depens how U drive . .

  • I'd like to know what the best continuous RPM (highway) would be for best range. Thanks!

  • I gues 4000 . . .

  • I have asked that same question about most of my vehicles, but have never taken the time to figure it out. I did go down two teeth on the rear sprocket, which helps a lot at highway speeds. Keeps me just below that little buzzy spot.

  • That's good to know. Might do that mod then. Thanks!

  • The 1000 still has plenty of power the rest of the time.

  • Just ride it like you stole it. If we worried about the mpg we wouldn't be riding a bike. Worrying about mpg takes the fun out of bikes. Get a small car if you're concerned about fuel economy

  • Mine gets much better mileage than my F-150 so I'm good, but when you are riding all day it is nice to not have to stop often for the 5.5 gallon tank!

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