Does anyone know if they makes rekluse clutch kit for a kx 500

Does anyone know if they makes rekluse clutch kit for a kx 500

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  • i just adapted a rmz450 rekluse clutch with a kx250 basket in one of my kx500.

  • I talked to Recluse about this a year ago. They said that the best they could do, is send me a clutch with smooth bore. (No shaft splines). Then I would have to find a competent machine shop to machine splines for the shaft. I live in a remote area in the West, and I think it could be difficult to find a machine shop capable(and willing) of that particular task.

  • Call EMF theyll convert your basket to an auto clutch it's around $850, they converted an 89 kx250 for me

  • Not yet, still working on it

  • Made my own!

  • How

  • That's impressive

  • Search for doordie at

  • I have heard that DRZ400 clutch plates interchange with a KX500. Maybe a Recluse could be adapted from one of them.

  • Guy above said he used rmz450 Rekluse

  • I saw that.

  • Kx 450 clutch plates are the same. Hope to have an answer before too long

  • That is what Recluse told me. They said the input splines are different, so you could buy a 450 setup with smooth bore and have it machined to KX500 spline specs.

  • I know why they told you that

  • They told me that they just don't have enough interested people wanting them for the KX500 configuration. The gentleman I spoke with said if I could muster up 10 or more purchase commitments, then they would dedicate the resources to push it through. I live in Wyoming, and I don't have even 10 friends that ride, not even 1 that rides a 500 like myself. So, I considered the idea dead.

  • Not really dead. The problem is the tooling to cut the splines for the inner hub. The broach is about $2000 so that is why they need the interest. Or if someone had one cheaper. I am working on it with them.

  • I am glad to see the idea progressing. Thanks Alex. If it goes to production, I am definitely interested!

  • Um EMF makes one and there really easy to set up

  • Their website says full size 2 strokes, KX100 - 250. Do they have 500 stuff if you call them?

  • If it's any help, a ktm 2006 sx 250 hub and pressure plate fit right into the basket on my 87. Correct spline etc

  • rmz450 clutch plates are 5mm larger in diameter, fits only in combination with kx250 basket. drz400 plates have the same diameter as kx500 stock.

  • They can put an auto clutch in anything , we're sending them a yz490 clutch to do

  • hmmm, i will have to check, that is great to know, thanks

  • and, they are different 89 and up on the 500. Keep this stuff coming guys!!!

  • 86/87 hub are same, 88 on moved to smaller splines apposed to the 6 large one found on my one, so hubs are interchangeable on later bikes with kx 250 and kdx 250, likewise with pressure plates, only / main differences in pressure plates are the amount of springs.

    The basket seems to be kx 250 compatible but only the basket, the drive gears are way way slimmer on a 250, but

    The reason the ktm idea is good is if you ran just the ktm metal plates and kawa k5 friction ones then you can run a rekluse from a ktm, I'll dig my shit out and take pics