Does anyone know if getting aftermarket pipes for the 04 V2K do I need to get...


Does anyone know if getting aftermarket pipes for the 04 V2K, do I need to get an adapter for the sensor ? Or anything special besides the pipes

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  • The general rule of thumb is you can replace either the air filter OR exhaust without adding a fuel controller. But if you add both - your fuel system WILL need help, as the stock system just runs way too lean. Vance & Hines Pipes, Power Commander and K&N air filter is what I put on. Runs and sounds good.

  • O2 exhaust sensor only in CA models.

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  • I recommend getting all 3. You'll be glad you did. My $.02

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  • But there are no places for me to get it tuned up ! Or mapped? How would I do that then ?

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  • If you're only doing pipes you don't need a fuel management system. If you do pipes and aftermarket intake, I would recommend a manual one, computer based ones are notorious for loosing maps. Most setups will look good but not give you much of again in HP or Torque for the money. Best of luck.

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  • Rod Pimentel how do you do it manually. If it's popping adjust + or - etc. etc.

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  • Do Beck processors will allow you to tune carburetor style using a screw driver. You can find them on eBay for a good discount. Personally, I'd keep my money and just do pipes. ehicleid=564

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  • actually, if you just switch to a "K&N" filter (and new pipes), you don't need a fuel processor. Simply switching filters itself doesn't do much.. you have to change out the entire intake to make a noticeable difference.

  • True ! Right now pipes is all it is then it will be air queen her and tuner. Just don't know to get an automatic tuna or get a map but out here there's no place to do it where I live

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  • Central California. Fresno area

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    however, you could always go with a cobra fuel processor, they don't need dyno (but not as good)

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