Does anyone have pics of their V2k with whitewalls

Does anyone have pics of their V2k with whitewalls ?

My rear [metzler] is bald and thought I might go for an old school look

Fronts not far off replacing either so a recommended brand woul be cool

  • Opinions are like a.. fill in the blank... but personally white walls without spoke wheels just doesn't look right..

  • That's why I was interested in a pic if them to see if I liked them

  • My dad has them on his road star. He always talks about them being a pain in the ass to keep clean.

  • Mmm. ... I get the cleaning hassel but I don' t don't do much off road or wet weather riding

  • They are a pain the ass.. I had them on my Road King. Look great when they are cleaned up, but you got to scrub them with a bleaching solution everytime you wash the bike regardless of in the rain or not. Brake dust etc gets on them.. They look awesome with spokes but they are high maintenance... some like to clean and tinker.. then they'll be a good thing.. if you just want low maintenance and ride.. consider differently. But life is about you not me bro.. enjoy if you do.

  • It's mostly the brake dust. I remember seeing a classic lt model with them and I thought it looked really good.

  • Yep opinions are like assholes - everyone has one

  • I get it. But to be honest.. its like wood down the side of a modern can do it but it looks a little funky in my opinion.. HD's get away with it with their heritage, much more classic lines etc... the V2K to me feels and looks like a modern cruiser with modern wheels.. BTW the scrubbing and I mean scrubbing sucks... to do it easily hopefully you don't have bolt on saddle bags and you like to chuck the bike up on a lift while you are washing it. Otherwise that scrubbing will really suck.

  • My missus cleans my bike haha

  • There ya go then.