Does anyone have a bubble extended screen for sale. D model

Does anyone have a bubble / extended screen for sale? D model

  • Price?

  • Not the best pic of the screen but I have this

  • nice, but think I want a bubble. The OE screen is quite long already. Obs, depends how much??

  • It'd be £15 plus post, I'll see what other ones i have, I've not made my mind up if this is getting broken yet

  • Ok ta. I like the black DB ones. Happy to wait till you get one too

  • Do you ever get luggage in? Heated grips? Ign advancer?

  • The luggage goes straight on sleezebay, it goes for more on there than I have the nerve to ask for in real life! I'll keep you in mind for grips

  • and DB screen :)

  • eBay sells all that stuff.

  • Ebay is good for grips and screens, some of that Chinese crap isn't too bad

  • When do you collect the bike, Ian?

  • Seen a double bubble screen on ebay tonight. Was about £40 new and uk based seller

  • I have a red tinted one for sale and its brand new ?

  • How much Pete Turner ?

  • Yeah,saw that one. £39.99?

  • Get it on Monday 7th. Nov

  • Pete Turner