• Does anyone has Frixion discs I m thinking about to get me a set.

    Does anyone has Frixion discs, I'm thinking about to get me a set. :-)

    • It'l come

    • I don't need to replace yet ( 24000km) but I like them ;-) price in Holland 170,- euro a piece

    • yeah mine warped within 4 thousand.

    • Are you sure they warped clean the floating bobbins they get pitted

    • My ZZR1400 has only got 800 miles on the clock but i have a funny shudder on the front when i brake from high speed. could this be my promblem already?

    • Mines done 900 Darren - NO shudder!!

    • The 1400 kills discs! They all warp to be honest the genuine ones are not worth buying! They dont last! Ive been through 2 sets in 9000 miles and wont be using kawasaki ones again!

    • I've done 22k and still original discs

    • I suppose it's down to the way they get usd. Think mine was due to high speeds in Spain and Germany. ...

    • not thinking anymore, genuine set is still oke (24.000km) but these awesome discs are ordered! just for the looks ;-)

    • Done over 30k still on original disc...

    • Done 6k on mine! LOL