Does anyone happen to know if a oem windshield from a vulcan nomad will fit our...

Does anyone happen to know if a oem windshield from a vulcan nomad will fit our bikes? I have the oem vn2000 windshield (I think) but it sucks. Doesn't deflect the wind much at all and seems very narrow and frankly looks stupid. I got the train headlight model. I don't mind modifying some.

  • Matt there was never an OEM windshield made for the standard VN2000. The Classic came with one, but the headlight bucket is smaller. If I remember right, my old Nomad also had a small cutout on the windshield. You could possibly widen the cutout on the Nomad, it's two pieces of plexiglass over each other to allow for up and down adjustments. Another option is to locate some windshield lowers. Some are plexiglass and attach to the forks, others have adapted HD metal lowers and attached them to the windshield side mounts. Google out to give you some examples. Best of luck!

  • there weren't any off the dealer floor, but you could order 3 different heights from Kawasaki that have the logo and fit the bullshead light, I've got the short one. More than likely the issue is that it needs lowers like Rod pointed out. Makes a HUGE difference. Try holding one arm across your belly horizontally while riding and see if that makes a difference. If so, get lowers.

  • Ya I'm aware of the sliding lower part. I'm just wondering if the flanges are wide enough on the nomad windshield to fit around our big forks.

  • That I do not know. I was in a similar situation even though my bike came with a National Cycle windshield from the previous owner. However, my search ended when I added the lightbar to the bike. It provided just enough coverage for me not to be annoyed by the wind. It's a National Cycle N945 bar. Who knows, maybe I'll add lowers in the future to further eliminate buffeting.

  • I was shocked by how much wind I felt and heard after switching to this bike. The nomad windshield did a much better job.

  • Yessir, Nomads had a pretty nice setup. Loved mine, but after getting the V2K, I just didn't ride it as much, it felt small.

  • Mine originally had stock windshield and lowers when I bought it.

  • Yes, the Classic LT came with windshield, lowers, passenger floorboards, and leather softbags. Plus a smaller headlight.

  • First thing i did when i got my V2K home was took the windshield off and ended up giving it to a guy that wrecked his bike I have done well over 20.000 Miles on the V2K without a windshield and a few 2.000 mile trips never once was a issue now i want a BatWing and i need the mounts for the Batwing. Can't Win

  • I bought the kit that was suggested on gadgets page National Cycle KIT JK or something like that. i am riding out to SC from N.Y. in May to see my oldest Grad College I was thinking of stopping in TN and just having Reckless install one.

  • Idk about the old model but I have a factory Nomad windshield on my Classic. I used the LT brackets and had to drill new holes in the windshield. It is working pretty well for me until I either find an LT winshield or decide on a fairing

  • Come to think of it my nomad had lowers

  • From an 07 VN2000. Flip windshield. $100 shipped.