Does anyone else have the kuryakyn pro r hypercharger on their 2000


Does anyone else have the kuryakyn pro-r hypercharger on their 2000¿

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  • i'm going to get one! :)

  • I DO

  • I do too,... if you are tall there is not much legroom

  • I do.

    Love the looks & the induction roar.

    It sticks out too far though.

    Hurts like hell if you catch your knee on it!!

  • Oh, I do have one. I opened it up to taker out baffles and did NOT like what I saw in there.....very dirty. I don't know if it is a filter failure or pilot error. Might check yours out. Makes me want to put stock back on, at least until I get something else.

  • ouch! i'm 1.95m. Alejandro Cortegoso, do you think that i'll have problems if get it?

  • I have one-- 6'3" - it's in the way, but I got used to it pretty fast.

  • If you are tall the leg interference is related to the seat ass depth >>IE Stock and Mustang are 3.5" less than a Corbin which is 3.5" deeper in ass depth, if I am using my Corbin there is no interference at all.

  • Bruce ..Big time pilot Error you must clean and oil the K&N filter from time to time DUH

  • thanks for that bare. i do clean now and then .