Does anyone else have problems with their 650 overheating If I do anything...


Does anyone else have problems with their 650 overheating? If I do anything over 85mph for more than 10 minutes the temperature warning light comes on! I'm in the UK so the air temperature isn't that warm!

I have pink coolant if that makes any difference?

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  • Check the circulation pump , fan could be running but it's not be circulated through the system

  • Graham Mudd I would tell you to check also the water temperature sensor but since the radiator fan is working as it should then it reads correctly and opens fan to cool the bike faster. Problem should be the thermostat if you ask me.

  • Good point also from Paul Tinker. Circulation pump is located on right side just above the front end of the bottom fairing. If you dont have water in circulation then you can get those results you are describing.

  • Thanks for all the replies! Looks like a bit of time in the garage, nothing wrong with getting the spanners dirty!

  • My fan does turn on quite a lot now thats summer. (Lisbon is a hot place). But mine never shown the warning light

  • I think Geni the admin suffer the same thing as well

  • Hi there from Near Ipswich.Not had any probs doing high speeds for long times but versys are known for getting a bit warm than other bikes.Looking at your bike profile pic i see you got a rad cover and my kawasaki dealer advised me they cause over heating probs.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Please have a look at your radiator cap (any leakeage) and also the water flows pattern check any blockage due to old coolant's clog. You may do a flush for the radiator and the engine cooling system to helps improve the water circulation. Depends how old is your bike or how long your kept it indoor during winter. I did mine and it was as good as new without anymore oveheating problem. I live in a hot climate country. All the sensor needs a through check too.

  • I've been riding my Versys in AZ for 7 years, where it is normal for it to be 110° (About 44° celcius) So no, it's not normal, your bike should not be over heating so easily. As others advised, thoroughly check over your cooling system.

  • thanks for all the replies! I think I'll take my rad guard off to start with and then do a full coolant flush.