Does anybody have a spare shock for an H2 Can they be re built Or can anyone...


Does anybody have a spare shock for an H2...? Can they be re-built? Or can anyone suggest a 'direct' replacement...? Cheers

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  • Hi Jason, dont know how much u wanna spend but there's always old ones on eBay. Hagon do a replacement costs about £290 new or there is an Ohlins one on eBay at the mo for 300, however it's been on there for some time so u could always make them an offer, especially as it needs servicing and a clean ( got 1 on mine and it's a massive improvement )

  • i have the old one off my bike,but not very good,think Maxton can rebuild them to as new for you for about £100

  • cheers lads

  • I don't know where you are, but Revs Racing suspension specialists in Halesowen rebuilt mine for my L1 for £190 including a new rod and a spring. That was six years ago and its still spot on.