Does any body know where to buy the euro gear


Does any body know where to buy the euro gear?

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  • I just got the gears and gaskets from for about $230.

  • Do you know the part numbers are

  • ask Ray Wrinkle he know everything , even about women

  • 44 Tooth Euro transfer gear P/N 16085-0027

    48 Tooth Euro transfer gear P/N 16085-0033

    Inner transmission gasket P/N 11061-0017

    Outer transmission gasket P/N 11061-0018

    (2) exhaust pipe gaskets P/N 11061-0013

  • Check out le=articles/EuroGears.htm for step by step instructions on how to install them. I did the Euro-Gears and 33 tooth front pulley, you will like change. You will have a completely different bike.

  • Does it run good with that 33 front pull-ups

  • Pulley

  • I did it all at the same time, I am sure that just the 33 tooth will make a change I am just not sure how much.

  • James if I knew everything I'd be working with Bare ! I'm a Guru on a Few Thing's But He is the Guru on V2K , & I look up to Him !