Do you recommend new inner tubes at every tire change along with rim strip

Do you recommend new inner tubes at every tire change along with rim strip?

Bike has about 18k on it and PO replaced w original tires. Thanks!

  • I was taught that tubes can develop their own wear patterns inside the tire. I always replace tubes with tires. And I also spend the big bucks for what we once called "natural rubber" tubes. Hard to find but twice as thick.

  • And if the old tube is still okay(ish), I'll keep it as an emergency spare, partnering the patch kit. Remember, not all (inner tube) punctures and leaks can be patched up... ;)

    As for advice by the shop's people, over here the W's tyres (and tubes) are mostly sold at 'big' bike shops where the sellers are not so well experienced with tubed tyres anymore. The way I see it, their 'advice' on tubes are simply guesses, at best.

  • Lots of good applications for strong, "old rubber" bands in the garage.

  • Yeah, that too. Many other uses past their originally-intended purpose! :)

  • Make a Bulgarian bag out of it.

  • My mechanic said no

  • I religiously change tubes with tyres.

  • Thanks for all the info, folks!!

  • i always replace tubes and rim tapes with new tyres.

  • The OEM inner tubes I've seen are a lot thicker walled than Kenda or other cheap brands the independent (or dealers even) carry. I'm still running my bridgestones or whatever are in there. I've not had a flat tire in 15 years and they hold air to the tune of maybe losing 2psi over the winter.

  • I changed original 1993 tires off of my TW200 last year meaning cleaning a lot of rust out of the inner part of the rear wheel where the spoke nipples had rusted. The tube itself had shards of rust stuck to it. I carefully picked them off with my fingernails and took a wire wheel to my wheel to clean the rust out. I painted it and let it dry. I reused the rim strip and the tube and it's still fine. The rear tire tube on that bike was the size of a car inner tube. If I see weather checking or the valve stem has problems, I'll change them out. I don't do long rides though. 100 miles in one direction is a long ride for me. I also always keep my old tubes. I've never actually reused one, but I have cut them up for all sorts of garage projects.