Do you guys remember we spoke on one post about the problem with the rear...


Do you guys remember we spoke on one post about the problem with the rear mudguard splitting where the indicators are bolted on? Could any of you post pictures of this, I'd like to see exactly where and how they are splitting. I've a friend who is a panel beater (works for Austin Martin and others), until the other day I didn't realise he'd also ocassionally worked on bikes - a Vincent black shadow was the last one. I was telling him about the problem with the splitting and he said that next time he's over he'll look at Ariana & see if about a reinforcing plate to go underneath to stop it happening. Did tell him if he could do it, he may get others interested in getting one. :0)

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  • My first fender, on my original W purchased new in 2000, started cracking after a couple of years, got to a point where the cracks just could not be ignored. I replaced the stock fender with one for a 2005, the 2005's have metal re-enforcements running along the lower edge (internally). I did take pictures of the cracks, don't know where they are now, but if you drew a line straight up from the bottom of the fender where the cracking begins, the cracks would converge near the forward mount bolt for the original tail light.

    My second W, a 2000 also, which was purchased in Jan 2007, now has 45,000 miles on it, and no signs of cracking.

  • Thanks fellas, the reason I want pics is so I can protect the mudguard that came with her, I'm trying to keep her as original as possible.

  • I still have my original, will post a pic when I get home tomorrow. 1/8" cracks became 1-1/2" after only 4k miles. Bought the Kawa replacements. They have a metal strip along the edge underneath.

  • Oh, Pete Hammer, you're a darlin'. Thanks in advance. :0)

  • Jim, why do you have a guitar on your W? lol

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  • 'Oh dear' indeed! lol

  • My 2000's rear fender is cracked, as well. Interesting how Fender charges double for cracked, checked, dinged, scraped, and belt-sanded guitars. If anyone asks about my W's fender, I'll tell them that it is a special, limited edition "Custom Shop Relic" that Kawasaki built early on in the W's history.