Do they make cool heads for the kx500 my CR500 already has them but I cannot...


Do they make cool heads for the kx500? my CR500 already has them but I cannot find them for my kx

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  • Wow look at that beast ! How's that pipe so is that a 500cc motor? Or bigger you got a bottle on ther? Do you run knobbies an a paddle tire? Any vids of it in action ? Sorry for all the questions it just gets me excited lol

  • Run paddle tire on it and it's a 500 for now and the bottle will be on it soon

  • Stock heads fine, just get the combustion chamber re-shaped if pre-det becomes a problem.

  • I've never got to rav\ce my kx against a 450, In a drag race which is faster?

  • Whoops or hard pack the 450. Anything else, the 500. Assuming by "faster" you mean "quicker". Fast is down to gearing.

  • Yeah by faster I mean your standard sand drag, my kx500 feels like it accelerates quicker and has a higher top speed than the 450 i used to have

  • Check with vhm or at for a interchangeable dome head for your k5

  • Rpm Mfg! i had a 640cc big bore fully optioned race engine built by Joe the owner at Rpm. It honestly took over 2 years to build with him always saying a few months a few months and i hardly called him and let him do his work. I ended up having to get the local police involved as he wouldnt answer my calls and emails and asked for full payment upfront. So i was in a position for a year thinking he took my engine and my money and wouldnt respond. The Ware police were helpful and without there help who knows if i would of gotten my engine back as they were going to charge him.

  • mark huck did you order the whole boyesen set up just the 2 thin pieces whatever there called

  • Frankie thanks for the info bout that will stay away fr them did you ever get a big motor built & was it for drags ??