Dipped. Again. This time Chrome

Dipped... Again... This time Chrome

  • Nice man.. How long will it stay?

  • Forever... Lol, the finish top coat is a regular top coat, so this thing can resist to almost everything, like sun light, rain, snow and so on...

  • But soon I'll put her back on black, because the wheels, none color matches like black!!! This is just a test for my work here in Brazil!!!

  • It's just with the glossy coating on top right? I Will try some parts next week just matte black

  • Be careful, my dip isn't plasti dip or other brands on the market, the technology of my rubber is nanotechnology, I don't have sure if you put a regular top coat this thing will not affect your original paint, just think about it ok!!!

  • I post it when it's done.. No worries I'll treat my babe with caution

  • Yeap... Good luck and post the results ok!!!

  • looks dope, are the rims dipped, too?

  • Thanks man... No the rims aren't !!!