Dianne Savoie Macdonald was added to Kawasaki Ninja Riders by Allan MacDonald.

  • Sean Sziklas .., as the count stands at the moment you will not win your category.., BUT..., if by some act of God you should win.., will you adopt the naughty Ninja as your profile pic for 24 hours for your crimes.., yes or no???

  • Yes... BUT.. I gotta send you a bunch of pics and you can focus them on the page for a week...

  • Sexy pics.. I'll put some lingerie on it and send you pics lol

  • No deviations from the challenge.., do you accept or not?

  • Tick tock....

  • You don't want to spotlight my sexy pics?

  • Stop dodging the question.., if your sexy pics are Ninja related then I will post them.

  • wOrd.. im down... since it's for a WORTHY cause...

  • Good man.., your word is your bond! ;-)

  • I gotchu