Devastated. Some arse is coming to look and maybe buy my Zed off me today

Devastated ... Some arse is coming to look, and maybe buy my Zed off me today .. :(

  • Looks good how much you asking for it?

  • £1600 .. o.n.o

  • Not a lot. I kind of thinking of selling mine as after i bought africa twin not using big z a lot as scared to loose my license as every time i go on it i just twist the throttle too much and these days too many unmarked police cars

  • I'm only selling mine because I want to expand my business into MOT testing & every little helps ! Lol

  • Yep totally agree , we have just put the zzr back on the road and David took me out for a blast , scary fast bike , I could hardly hold on at some points of the ride

  • Sunday mornings when i used to go to work on it i used to go just like 170mph few times nearly overtook police bikes lol

  • I'm sure someone will buy her !!! She looks great . We bought ours for 650 quid , only took 200 to put her on the road , she's newly painted and looks hot

  • Aye it's way too easy on that bike to reach that speed