Deryl M Colp shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Tecate 4.

Not mine, but I came across this cruising around craigslist. Probably not to bad of deal. Especially if you can get the price down.

  • Lol, i bet a ton. I didn't even bother to ask haha

  • That's a good deal for the package!

  • Can you the plastics through mires

  • Wow I'd give my right or left nut lol

  • Picking this up in the am .so stoked

  • Funny thing is .i need to strip it down to get in my SUV it's gonna be fun

  • That plastic would go 1800-2000 on eBay all day long. Last set I sold went for 1600 without shrouds. It's a fair price for the package. A great deal at 6000.

  • Need to stop what I'm doing right now and go buy these.....

  • Id just rent a trailer man

  • No hitch ...bummer right...2010 no hitch wth lol

  • if I win our lottery tonight she's a done I wish

  • Mike Cook