This is a great topic which opens so much more up for discussion. Not sure if I should go there or not. But I'll throw a bit out since its Sunday and most of us have tuned down the work-week attitude today and it is mothers day…

When I hear questions like this, I always think what is the core question they are asking and what is the core assumptions they are making?

This question always appears to me to come down to brand loyalty, going deeper is about community, going deeper is about acceptance in that community, and going even deeper yet is the assumption that we are separate and not connected and therefore we crave acceptance in our community.

I’d like to throw that out to you all: are we really separate? Thru evolution and conditioning we are taught that we are separate from everything else. But as an example have you ever walked into a room and U could cut the energy with a knife and nothing has been said?

Our minds have developed to such an extent that we think we are separate beings and therefore assume we MUST be separate beings. But I invite you to look deeper into this on this mother’s day Sunday.

Going full circle on this topic:

I usually look at a full custom metric and say to myself: they have the money if they wanted the gold standard bike, therefore this is not about acceptance in the community, its an expression of their love for their machine. Then I think that is really cool.

On a metric that is not a full custom, I think: do they really think that peeling the decals off looks cleaner OR is it that they are trying to be accepted by the general public ultimately tricking the general public who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground as to whether it’s a HD or a metric?

I give an example: in my 43 years in this world, I personally have never seen a de-badged Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Aprillia, or BMW. Why is that?

So at the end of the day, I think GREAT if you want to de-badge because you like the idea of being cleaner.. I personally wouldn’t mind removing the Kawasaki emblem myself.

But I throw out there if you are de-badging ultimately for community acceptance, you already are connected and accepted. Nothing required. Enjoy your bike, for its an amazing feeling to be one with nature on a bike.

  • That is really deep Andrew.

  • putting a lot of thought into something thats a matter of personal preference, my .002 its yours do what you please, i personally stopped caring about how im perceived long, long ago.

  • Well, I think the bikes do look cleaner without the Factory badges. They are a little bulky and clumsy. BUT...... When I had my bike costume painted, I still had Kawasaki and 2000 Custom painted back on. I like the fact that I can tell and show anyone that this IS a metric. I'm proud of her!!!!

  • I had mine de-badged when I was getting a custom paint job done back in 2004 and really don't give a sweet fuck what anyone thinks about what I drive. Your already driving the BIGEST 2 cylinder production bike on the market and if they have to ask what your driving do they really matter?

  • Deeeep....stuff brother !!!!

  • I have removed all the glued on applications from my bike that I could. Not because I was ashamed of what I rode but because I think they looked cheap and tacky. I did not remove the tank badge however. To me unless you have a custom paint job removing the tank badge makes the tank look so much smaller. That star really makes the tank pop. I was just telling Bare yesterday that his 04 is one of the few that really looks good to me without it.

  • That made my head hurt

  • I need KOTEX for my ears after I read it out loud to some bikers.

  • Excellent, If I made anyone's brain hurt or caused a reaction then I connected at a much deeper level which I hoped I would do. Enjoy ur day everyone.