Dear members our group has just passed 7 000 members but I haven t seen any...

Dear members.. our group has just passed 7,000 members but I haven't seen any post that has participated by more than 1,000 members. I wonder are the remaining 86% members real?

  • I m real. Hehehehe

  • Some of us have a bad taste in their mouth after finding out that the stealership sold me a new bike with a cracked radiator, stripped screws and missing luggage locks and then Kawasaki corporate didn't care until I caught them in a lie after finding out the original stealership made a profit off a few "warranty claims" they made on my bike but never did the work.

    By the way, don't buy from Decorah Kawasaki.

  • I'm also a member of many groups that I don't necessarily need to reply to, look at or even follow. But at least I'm registered for the day I'm looking for info in it.

    Those of you that still don't have or no longer have a Versys: you are of course very welcome to stay

  • I am here for one thing. Y'alls pictures of the 2008 Red. Lol.

  • Last time I pinched myself, I'm real.

  • I'm real :)

  • I am a figmation of your imagiment!

  • I think i am real.... And my versys too... São Paulo Brasil ..

  • The colour i want

  • Yo tambien soy real, de Barcelona , Catalunya.

  • At least this grp is serious about versys & forums are on the bike itself. Unlike other versys grp which site have turned into an or where theres little forum & more on "for sale" posting. Good job to our admin for keeping this site "clean".