• Day off

    Day off.

    Rainy day off.

    Rats :(

    • Garage queens? :)

    • I don't think so !! They both get ridden as often as possible.

    • But I guess they are garage queens for a day....

    • "Queen for a day"? Showing your age, Jack!

    • Touché ! :)

    • Hey! We ride W650s. We're all royalty!

    • I would say... gods.

    • Sounds like it !

    • I'm no god! Gods are supposed to be everywhere, but I prefer to ride to unknown places :-)

    • Old big Kris....

    • Kris is a Seeker.

    • Have I seen these bikes before Jack?

    • Possibly. I have been inspired by some Frenchman who runs a similar fleet. :v