Day off

Day off.


Filthy roads.

Rats. :(

  • Sympathies.

  • Take that JayPee ! That will shut you up with your boring 18c and constant blue skies. Some justice at last !! :)

  • :)

  • Héhé !! ;)

  • Actually I ordered the rain... I needed the roads clean, and with all the food I was going to eat, inside, with the family, near the fireplace on these last two days... Wich better days to order it :)...

  • Whose mind though... The mud on my boots was for real !

  • Yes, but was there any rain left on your boots? ;-)

  • I typically work Fri Sat Sun, this last week, those days were Sunny and warm....70s to 80s, I could have swam in my pool after taking a nice ride.....but the days before and after my work days were wet and cold....Damn it........Actually took my grand daughter out on a ride Christmas Eve....low 60s and damp.

  • Life is unfair :(