David Houchens shared his photo to the group: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders.

  • I think i am going back to avons

  • bridgestone exedra max front and rear . work well. i finally got my refund for that crappy avon cobra, shook from the second i had it installed.

  • what do you run in the rear tire Robert Vinson Cravey Jr.

  • i also have a Reckless Fairing and new Jumbo hard bags plus my fat ass

  • Good Luck, I tried that and HATED it

  • I had the same on the stock Bridgestone tire after around 8k miles. Haven't had it running at 39psi on the Avon with 14k miles

  • Possibly cupping, happens to mine at around 6k running stock Bridgestones

  • this tire has 1500 miles on it

  • looks like a lot of straight line riding to me....head for the mountains and ride some twisties

  • Only 1500 mi. Don't think its cupping. I agree with Rob take it back it may be defective or problem with the bike.