Darren Fields shared a link to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

holy shit really!!

  • Nope lol

  • €580,- at cms ...

  • £500 at mine lol

  • That's outrageous for a old cylinder without the pv's and crappy plating

  • I have a 85 cr500 looking for clutch side cover they around 500.00

  • You can buy that cover new still for something like 200 i believe

  • Just get a newer year cover, the older covers had material problems

  • 500 what? mexican pesos?.. ;)

  • What's a new one with shady genuine plating cost?

  • Pock holes are shallow, hold oil, run it

  • With my discount from my parts guy, probably in the 600 range. But that's also a brand new cylinder compared to a 22+ year old cylinder

  • Decent

  • I see that I missed all the fun... Listen to Adam Adam MillAr and Alex Ward They are spot on... Pricing, Yeah, that's a bit up there but I did notice that the boost ports have been cleaned up :-) And another thought... We are not all in the same boat. Some guys don't have a private stash of parts laying around or access to buy new parts easily depending on where they live and circumstance. Millennium Tech is a top notch company with a very low failure rate... So let's figure it out... What does a junk cylinder cost on eBay? Right now the cheapest Used cylinder for a 89-04 is 250... Ouch... But let's say that you can pick one up for half that at 125... Then you box it up and ship it to Millennium... 20 bucks... Let's say that you get real lucky and it does not have any big issues and they plate it and ship it back.. retail 250.. So the seller has basically 400 bucks into a cylinder and he lists it on eBay for 615. His eBay and PayPal fees will likely be 86 bucks minimum.. So, he puts 129 green backs in his pocket.... But, he takes a huge risk.... Let's say the customer gets it and doesn't have the correct size piston, doesn't gap the rings, doesn't clean the cylinder and piston before installation, installs the piston backwards, Doesn't use assembly lube, has a bad crank, has a crack in the head, has leaky main seals... And on and on the list goes... What happens? The buyer files a "Item not as described" guess what? The seller eats it all... That's right, as soon as a claim is filed eBay pulls the money 615 from the seller account and tries to resolve the issue.... And I can just about guarantee you that eBay will side with the buyer... So you see, there is more then one side of most stories :-) Which is why I no longer sell top end kits on eBay... It's just not worth the risk for so very little money..

  • Mike Weir you've fooking nailed it mate, so the moral of the story is don't sell on eBay? and don't be to greedy

  • Or just because a item is pricey doesn't necessarily mean it's better quality. I'd rather buy a cheap item and make it good, then at least you know what you have.

  • Still a shit ton of money for a used cylinder. Lol

  • Mike, you just won the internet today. I have an Athena 144 cylinder and head that I had done at Millennium for a friend - he bought another whole Athena kit and used it instead. I have $255 plus shipping both ways in the work. True, someone would have to send their valves and the cylinder back to millennium and pay $75 to have them modified and set up... But I can't find anyone willing to buy the cylinder and head for the amount I have in it...