Darkside squared now Mounted a Yokohama envigor 215 60x16 on the back and...

Darkside squared now. Mounted a Yokohama envigor 215/60x16 on the back and already had a michilin commander 2 rear mounted on the front. I tried for a couple of hours to get that Yokohama to seat using straps and the air compressor and soapy water. Finally resorted to spraying hair spray into the tire and igniting it. 3rd time worked. Tire doesn't rub and rides as expected, I've worn 2 car tires out on the goldwing. I like it. Little more countersteer needed and I have to lean harder to drag the floorboards, but my tilt warning monitor (the spousal unit) alerts me to excessive lean.

  • I'm happy running the dark side and have dragged the floorboards already. And it looks bad ass

  • Lol "tilt warning monitor" I like that!

  • Best use of hair spray ever. Surprised it took that much effort to bead

  • I wrapped a ratchet strap around it and it sealed mine

  • "spousal unit" LOL you too huh? lol

  • I couldn't get the tire bead sealed enough.

  • it didn't seal at first, but when I put the ratchet tie down around it and cranked it we got it. It did take quite a bit of air to fully pop into place but did. So far I'm running 28 pounds with mostly riding one up, but have had the wife on the back and all good. I was so pissed when I spent over $300 to have a metzler mounted and didn't even last 4000 miles

  • Ether (starting fluid spray) works best.....in my past experiences with tires on Vans & trucks

  • Thanks. I'll remember that for next time.