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Hey folks! I've been doing a bit of research on removing the LAMS restriction but I'm not sure on where/which plug I would be removing.

If anyone could point me the right way I'd appreciated it!

I made a video to explain what I'm talking about.

  • I dont know if australian lams versys were restricted electronically but i recalled having read something about unscrewing and removing a throttle limiter plate

  • yeh the torx is easy to remove but everywhere (internet) mentions a plug/relay of sorts....

  • Pull that plug off and tape off the open end. That should do it. But do remember that your insurance and warranty will be invalidated. Plus if your license is not open class, well, pray that u dont get stopped by the cops

  • If you find out daniel would love to know....post a youtube clip ...

  • As Andrew wrote, making mods like that introduce a host of problems. Ya have to ask yourself, is it worth going a smige faster.

  • Cheers for the responses but I think i should clarify here, the question posed is a technical one so I'd ask that we stick to that. In regards to legalities, every licenced rider would already know their obligations of their respective countries so we can dispense with the "mum and dad" warning/disclaimer.

    Where I'm from, the only issue once the modification has been made, would be to advise the insurance company and Dept of Transport. Insurance won't be invalid and its two phone calls, not a host of problems.

  • As for the smidge of power, we're taking about a 217kg bike with restricted ps/HP of 53 , this is no supersports. Unrestricted is 68 hp which is a 22% increase, mostly at the mid to top end. Like I said, technical post, if you're out of depth, sit this one out.

  • Will do Brett, i think to make a good demo i'd have to do a before and after on the dyno. Will definitely keep you posted!

  • Thanks daniel on my ps and dont want to buy a bigger bike once off them so i will unrestrict when im off ps

  • I hear ya mate! It's a good bike with lots of punch low end but when I'm on the freeway it overtakes like mum's old Corolla station wagon ! No bike should do that! I reckon with a screw loose and that plug popped the bike can reclaim some dignity ;)

  • I test rode a LAMS version and bought a full power version, and believe me the difference above 5000rpm is significant.