Danco Husar shared a link to the group: kawasaki kx 500.

What's your thoughts

  • expensive. but still curious

  • I don't think it's that dear

  • Huh?

  • It isn't expensive

  • 2300 dollars is expensive I think

  • Isn't it Canadian $400

  • 400 deposit not for the whole unit

  • Lmao , I'm a idiot

  • I'd winf up breaking that2000 dollar unit off first day

  • waste of money.. I can start my kx 500 in one kick 99% of the time.. I don't know why this was built..

  • I like it. I have no issues kicking my 500 but I am due for a double knee replacement so if it will take some wear and tear from my knees I'm all for it. The lighting coil is a added benefit since I race a 24hr event and do a lot of night riding. I never ride moto on mine and ride some extreme terrain where something like this would be beneficial. 2000 Canadian works out to a little over 1500 us dollars I believe.

  • well, yeah absolutely if someone has a physical reason, I'd of course be all for it then.. .:) I just am always amazed at how people complain about starting them... it really is easy if you use the proper technique, and of course are physically able....

  • I'm more than able at this time but for how much longer who knows. I really dont want the replacements and am trying to put it off for as long as possible. Mine is easy to start. I can sit down and kick it.

  • Yeah I have friends that have had to have replacement parts...the longer u can wait...the better the replacement will be...kinda like bike parts.....they keep getting ;) better

  • Kevin Hutchinson Didnt you do the ISDE on a KX500 back in 07? If so did you ride the NJ Qualifier? That was 5 minutes from my house. My wife and I also rode it. Mt wife went to Brazil in 03. She ended up breaking her foot at the Jersey Qualifier.

  • Yes, that is me... I rode my kx 500 in the 07 and 08 ISDE qualifier series, and made the team for Chile in 07 and Greece in 08. I took mine to the 07 Isde, and promptly dehydrated myself at the race. In 08 I took the easy way out and rented a bike in Greece, and promptly injured myself on day one. Kept trying to ride and on day 3 about killed myself.... My two isde experiences while bucket list items, are easily my biggest disappointments in my "racing career". ISDE 2007

  • New Jersey 2008

  • Kevin ridin a 500 like it was a 125

  • If you can't kick it you don't need to ride it

  • I invite you to come kick start a 500 at 12 degrees with your boot covered with snow on a sidehill.

  • I can't wait to get mine just trying to get my mate to sort it out and send it back from Canada to the UK to save import duty

  • LOL I don't know about that

  • Every time someone makes this comment they end up not being a 500 owner.

  • 2000 Canadian

  • Or they live someplace with a nice sunny climate and have never tried to start one while in chest deep snow.

  • now much tho!