Dan Carson when you polish your fork lowers make sure to do your rotors also

Dan Carson, when you polish your fork lowers, make sure to do your rotors also..

  • Disc brake mechanısm but howww !!

  • shane, did you polish the wheels too?

  • No, had the wheels chromed.

  • My eyes! My eyes!

  • Shane have You ever tried Liquid Rouge Stick's ? or Liquid Sand , thats what we use because we have to turn it out & laugh but for the final mirror finish we use Gold Medal Flour http://www.originalheavymetalp olish.com/metal%20polish.htm

  • Hmm.. never heard of it Ray. To late now. Not much I haven't either polished or had chromed

  • You did a super Great job Shane , I lie to use felt wheels & liquid sand or polishing bars like start out with green end up with pink Bar or Gold Medal Flour faster cooler and lets the air grinder do the work lol , L8R

  • I've got an actual polisher (the type that looks like a bench grinder), that I used to polish the floorboards and some other items. But I hand sanded the rotors and wheels (didn't take them off the bike)

  • Yep Bench polishers on the bike that's when I use straight shaft 25,000 air grinder with Jacob's chuck ,put in arbor with 4" buffing wheel wet wheel get grease stick on wheel then do wheels cases rotors lower legs , Hand is ok but I'm an Old fart I cheat a lot lol

  • thanks for the advice Shane.