Dan Carson shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders.

  • good find.

  • and 8 hours later, US $202.50.

  • well that maxes my bid. back to the ol stock seat..........

  • if people would wait till the last two mins to bid you can get it much cheaper like a third of the first day but everybody wants to run up the bid lol

  • I know what ya mean Ray. I ALWAYS hawk an auction!!! lol

  • I've watched a bunch from here bid early and run up the price ,, I wished the knew about hawking lol would make it better for everybody ,,,Have a Great one Dan Carson

  • Ray I been hawking auctions on eBay for forever. it's the ONLY way to get a good deal unless it's a good deal with a buy now price...

  • what I find said is people get so caught up in the competition of winning they forget that with the shipping price they coulda gotten that seat brand new!

  • I've seen old Item's go for more than it cost new because people don't know how to bid lol.

  • Yep or don't bid till last min -15 secs & hawk it