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  • That looks nice !!! .. did he install it yet ?? Is he going to be making more of them ?? I'm interested in knowing more about that clutch ...thanks

  • Lane, Big Kev's Performance has it and is trying it out. We just bought the teryx yesterday to see if we can make more parts and test more primary and secondary clutches. We will be testing the next couple of weeks and getting it on a dyno. Yes after testing and making adjustments we will be making more of them. We already make them for other ATV/UTV's.

  • OK ..thanks !! ..please let us know how the testing goes ..I'm very interested in getting my hands on one ... what is he trying to get out of it ?? Like quicker revving engine cause it looks lite .that design looks fool proof

  • I will keep you informed. It is all billet and very strong. We have sold many all over the world for the other rides. I don't want the admins to think I came on here to sell them. I was just curious if there was any other wants and needs for the Teryx. We own STM Powersports and there will be updates there also. (Admins if you want to delete this comment because it has our business name on it, I will understand)

  • Ohhh !!! .I heard a lot about your all builds .. keep up the good work !! Hopefully now that u got a Kawasaki in there you could make them real contenders to the other brands ..

  • Better suspension that won't break the bank!!

  • Here is our clutches on a special build. Working on making clutches for the Kawasaki's :D

  • Very nice

  • Move the fuel tank vent! It is only about 2 inches above the fuel tank. My first time in the water filled the tank!!!