Curious question whats riding an extended bike like for feel Ive ridden...

Curious question, whats riding an extended bike like for feel? Ive ridden sportbikes for 28 years. Yeah im old, lol. R1, cbr, gsxr, fzr, zx, bla, bla, bla.. owned em all, litre bikes mostly. Ive had 2 zx14's. I dont go to the strip. Just play in the country backroads. Just wondering. Thanks.

  • It can turn but not as good. Can't wheelie as well if u can. Had a stretched Busa. Loved it. Straights are fun. Looks good.

  • Now ride my new love.

  • If you go with a mild stretch it does still corner fine as long as you set your shock up for it and yes you can still wheelie.

  • I have a 14 extended 14over stock and street ride it daily. It still corners dont let anyone Bullshit you. It takes alot more rider effort to drop that big bitch into a corner. I'll take a pic of my tire later its used all the way to the edge no chicken strips

  • Stretched 12" over and no problems in the corners....some fellow riders assume there are issues or cannot lean the bike, but they have never ridden a stretched bike,,I get on my non stretched 2008 zx 14 and no significant difference..

  • Sweet bikes everyone. Thanks for the replies. Im just a bike junkie, ill have to try one someday. I bet wheelies feel weird.

  • I haven't decided to stretch mine or not.

  • Wheelies are awesome your like 8ft of the ground lmao

  • Climb the ladder, lol