Crazy er5 Went to start bike today after a week off At first it started but...


Crazy er5! Went to start bike today after a week off. At first it started but wouldn't idle even with choke out. Then I noticed fuel pouring out. Found a pipe on the RIGHT near the 3 run off pipes had come off its nozzle. It also looks like it is just an overflow? This was behind a white block connector (main wiring fuse?). Anyhow after that, bike was def struggling to fire up and when it did take, it was deffo only firing on 1 cylinder. What is the pipe and whats with this crazy bike? Ps. Fuel tap is as always, in the on position.

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  • Is it an overflow for the carbs? Something like this happened to my dads. Turned out the needle in the carb had stuck open and flooded the engine. Could be why its running on one. Also the fuel passed the piston rings and filled up with the engine oil.