Courtney Leigh Casey shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Disease Support Group.


My daughters KD was dismissed at this facility. So was the case a week prior and two months before that.

Please, please sign and share.

I would do it for your child and your hospital in a second.

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  • It's so crazy that this has become the standard of care. We even had a referred diagnosis of KD from the urgent care facility that sent us to the ER for treatment/admission and they still treated us like garbage and looked at us incredulously.

  • I had another hospital suggest KD and told me if she had any of "x" symptoms not to make the extra drive go immediately to the closest ER because it could be KD. That's how I even knew to ask him for the tests or about KD. I told him that and he insisted there was no way. I bawled in my car after they discharged us and then drove to the other hospital. They said they suspected KD and would run the tests but the lab was closed for the day. Which made no sense to me. There has to be better child health care standards. This is so dangerous and wrong.

    I commend you for taking the stand.

  • Signed! I'm so sorry you all went through that!! So amazing your positive spirit to make a change for future families!

  • Done!

  • Thank you!

  • I was told strep then allergy then scarlet fever, misdiagnosed 2 urgent cares and many many hospitals! Finally diagnosed by her pediatrician on day 7 (He had just come back from a convention that spoke about kawasaki). I'm so glad I never gave up.

  • Your so welcome!

  • And she had ALL symptoms

  • 3 drs, 4 drs visits, 3 weeks later 1 ed trip and my son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Thankfully was still able to be treated with IV and first echo no damage to coronary arteries. Kept being told it was a virus and to ride it out. Also in Perth, ended up being admitted to PMH. My son is also a premmie so we are very lucky

  • Done. Im in New Zealand, we experienced the same uncertainty with diagnosis. Virus, salmonella, arthritis, Kawasaki. Day 13 he was treated with IVIG but the echo at 6 weeks showed he had a giant anneurysm on his left coronary artery and a large anneurysm on his right. Thank you for doing this for all those families families for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

  • Media picked up our story! Woo!

  • Signed.

  • Thank you so much! Keep signing and sharing!!!