could someone explain how to vent the front and rear diffs

could someone explain how to vent the front and rear diffs.

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  • Are you wanting to extend the factory vent lines ? I assume that's what your asking.

  • yes...sorry i shouldve said that sorry

  • Just get a brass hose splice(double male) and a few hose clamps , some rubber fuel line and a filter for the end and run it wherever you want. I ran my rear up behind /beside the rear seat and my front in my16 t4 is up pretty high from the factory so I didn't bother with it.

  • ok thanks..are there any other vent lines that i should do? I already did the fuel vent

  • How deep you plan on going?

  • DEEP...I had it up over the hood a bunch of times. so far i didnt have any issues but i dont want to keep pushing it

  • We then I would do the front same as rear . There is a vent off the cooling fan motor. That might need a extension. Not for sure on that one. Fuel , front and rear diff and the fan motor vent are the only ones I know of.

  • thanks chris....i saw somewhere that you can also snorkel these as you know if thats true

  • Yes there are a few different snorkle manufacturers out there or most make their own. I don't do the deep stuff so as long as my seats are as deep as I go I'm good. I'm making mine all about dash high .

  • lol...maybe i will just try to make my own, I dont bury all the time but when I do I do it right lol. My problem is I live in pa and when it get cold i dont want water getting into places that could possibly freeze and crack something

  • All stock and deep enough for me. Had to winch out!!!

  • That's about as deep as I go.

  • Air intake gets to close for my liking in any thing deeper..

  • Another way is to install a small bellows on the existing vent line. The bellows will expand with heat and contract with cold yet keep the diff's sealed off