Coolant change What s the best coolant to use in ppl s views experience and...


Coolant change . What's the best coolant to use in ppl's views / experience and how much does it take . Thanks ☺☺☺

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  • I use the cheapest aluminium safe coolant from Wilco motosave. £8, mix it 50/50 with water before adding to the bike.

    Don't be fooled into spending loads of money on bike specific coolant.

    Some people swear by engine ice saying it keeps the bike cooler, you can buy it on Amazon but I've never used it myself.

  • Thanks for help guys ☺☺

  • Why change it? If it is the correct strength it won't freeze. If it's the correct type it won't cause corrosion and if it's at the correct level it will cool the engine

  • Its a service item to be changed at regular intervals

  • Never realised - i'd love to know the technical reason. Never know it have to be changed on a car

  • I think cos it does go off after time . I have a little bit of sedament in the tank so for sake of a few quid nice clean out and fresh doesn't hurt anyone ☺☺☺

  • Coolant will actually turn into a acid after years of use. Learned this from a G.M engine class I attended years ago.

  • You should change it on a car, on the bike it's every two years but some cars are every five years of using OATS technology.

  • It might be four years on the bike, I can't remember off hand.

  • Just been reading about it - apparently turns acidic and so I guess with time can do some damage. When I read about people changing it I thought 'why - they must be nuts'. Turns out that it's me that's nuts

  • Is there's a day I don't learn something new I go on you tube just before I go to bed - sad but true. Trouble is ive got to that age where I forget more than I learn!

  • Just checked the service manual - Every 3 years for a coolant change. Sensible interval. It does degrade over time. It's not just cooling and preventing freezing, but maintaining the integrity of the pump & system :)

  • 'Maintaining the integrity of the pump and system' sounds like something that a high court judge might order me to do

  • Glad it was useful Mike!!! ;)

  • I'm sure it will be Geoff when I get it translated into Yorkshire

  • LMAO!!! ;)