Collecting this on Friday looking forward to it so much what mods have you all...

Collecting this on Friday, looking forward to it so much, what mods have you all done and recommend ❓

  • For reference the rear Rizoma fluid cap leaked. To do it right you need to change the whole bottles

  • Mine came with a tank pad and Oxford heated grips. Definitely get the heated grips if you're in the UK! Seat is uncomfortable, I had gel inserts put in for just over £100. Vance and Hines end cans weigh nothing, look and sound a million times better than the stock cans and are among the cheapest ones out there. A tinted puig racing screen apparently improves wind protection, I can't say if it does for sure but it looks nicer and is easy to fit, only about £60 too. Oh yeah, don't trust the fuel guage, it goes from 4 bars to 1 in a matter of miles, and the mirrors aren't great either but you'll learn to live with them.

  • The mirrors are an improvement over the last SX but I agree with the fuel gauge comment, something not right with mine either. Kawasaki fuel gauges up to the naked 2007 Z1000 used to be a bit like that, then they improved but on my new SX I thought it was sore on fuel but no, I think it's a temperamental fuel gauge too

  • I get about 160 miles which isn't bad I guess, I try to refuel long before I get to that stage though. Basically as soon as the gauge isn't on full anymore, refuel

  • Heres another wee gadget I highly recommend. I couldn't live without it, so handy. Tank lock bag

  • Can't be worse mirrors than GSXR 750 K7, all I can see is my elbows

  • A lot of people here (presume newbies) ask for goods to install but I am surprised none asked how to adjust suspension properly. See a lot of bikes with suspension being in "holly shit" mode

  • I say this having had a Suzuki GSX650f before, the mirrors on that were much better, maybe because they were higher up

  • New to this bike but not new to bikes, have done many track days and know my suspension and tyres

  • Yeah the gsxr are a lot lower, ok for seeing the floor or elbows

  • Just saying.. then it is more strange to see this question)

    Presume you know what you are for then: look-performance-convenience

  • Alexander Eller no just good to see what people that have the bike have found good or not

  • Genuine kawasaki gell seats as the original factory fitted are too firm Akropovic GP end cans massive weight saving.

  • Another from Wheels motorcycles picked mine up last Sunday just waiting for the rain to stop!