Colin Webb shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


Nothing like getting on a bike after a days fishing , my two loves :)

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  • is that ryde by any chance ;)

  • the power of a D lol :)

  • The C would be too fast to tow safely :D

  • pmsl

  • And for your next project Colin use a Zed to power a boat which one C or D I'll let you decide.

    But I bet it would be awesome ☺

  • Nice job Colin , who needs a car when you have a zed

  • I once took 3 other pillions up the hill on my C :D Well one was sitting on the tank side saddle, with 2 behind ! :)

  • Power of 147 gee-gees... :D :P :D