• Colin Webb shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.

    How much is a stamp from New zealand ?

    • For sure my engine would blow soon enough..

    • So my secret is low RPM :) Sure I have accelerated to limited speeds and above.. 240 kmh my own highspeed record.

    • Being wide framed, bulky and 196 cm tall guy, I doubt It would go much faster anyway.. Altough I have large touring plex.

    • I keep seeing these nightmares of losing the front wheel attachment bolt at high speeds..

    • Could it actually happen?

    • Even if someone loosened all the front wheel bolts/spindle . It would never happen, as you would notice the horrendous noise and wobble when the spindle would leave one of the forks. It couldnt come out simultaneously from both sides. And if it did theres always the kawasaki mudguard to keep it in check !! lolol :D

    • I can pick it up for you and keep it in my garage till you're ready to collect =D

    • With the exchange rate for you that wouldn't be a bad buy.

    • Your right as it works out £854 !!! :O

    • Someone did put a bid in for 2k but it turns out the reserve price was 3k