Colin Webb created a private event for The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


9 people going

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  • To stop any confusion there is only one event , as Pat has obviously posted this before. But we cant seem to make the event stay under the events heading in the top files ! Does anyone have any ideas ?

  • Can you pin it?

  • You can pin it Sheena but all that happens then, especially with mobiles, is that it becomes hidden so you have to keep hitting 'view pinned post' and from experience not many people do.

  • Whenever i visit the group it's always at the top

  • Might just be worth adding that if anyone wanted to travel to the Ace Cafe with a mate, it wouldn't matter what your mate was actually riding but most riding is all about the company anyway

  • Well I'll be on the back of ours but if it's ok with you, i can put word out to our customers and see if they want to join us?

  • Of course, and everyone should be aware that they are welcome to bring a mate for the journey and all we'll want to do is line the Zeds up somewhere together.

  • Cool, I'll put the feelers out

  • Is it the same on your mobile or am I speaking purely for Samsungs I wonder?

  • I'm on a Motorola g3, but all android apps should work the same way

  • Well if I start riding now and get the bike on a few ferries and container ships I might just make it ! :P Have a great day guys, it sounds very exciting and i would love to be there! If you get enough big Z's there you are going to steal the show !! Looking forward to all the pic's and maybe a video ?

  • As above Looking forward to the pics and vids. Have a great day :)