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CLICK HERE - p/ride-with-me/id953714389?mt= 8

RIDE WITH ME is a new App that connects people no matter what they ride or where they ride it.

Released in early January the community has grown to in excess of 2000 users. These numbers have resulted in lots of rides being called however without enough concentration of users in anyone area there is a lack of participation. Our goal is to boost the numbers dramatically and grow the family. We have decided to remove the cost of the App and make it FREE until we can get a further 5000 users on board.

Download the App, tell your friends, join rides, call rides and get out and do what you enjoy most.

By promoting the APP you will help create a data base of likeminded people keen to connect with other riders. The App is designed for any type of motorcycle or bicycle ride not matter where it is on this planet. It is great for promoting groups and recruiting new members. It is just as good for organising informal group rides of all types.

Registration is quick and easy and you will be searching for rides in no time.

Only available on IPhone, IPad and IPod.

Join the RIDE WITH ME family – /RIDE-WITH-ME/753558358056987