• Chuck Ott shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale.

    If anyone's interested, saw this on Craig's list in Raleigh, NC. I have nothing to do with this, only saw it listed :

    • What a shame.

    • cheap price looks like a good bike

    • A great bike taken off the road for an oil leak.

    • :'(

    • What a shame. Should have fixed the leak and kept this once great bike on the road! Sad!

    • John you should buy it and put it back together at the Drift-In.

    • Glenn Baker The one in PA ,Wis or Eureka Springs . I'm planning on going to Wis rally and a day in ES not staying there I live 85 miles away and ES is not one of my favorite towns. I don't need another Drifter when this one go's am done . I like the one I have and if I did get another one it would be a 99 or 00 in excellent orig condition.

    • Eureka Springs. You cannot easily take that bike in parts with tools to PA or Wis.

    • I'd gladly have the engine but for the shipping cheapest quote $1300

    • Glenn Baker I might need help what one are you going too.

    • Eureka Springs right now is my only option. Timing does not work for the other two.

    • Glenn Baker I might ride over for the day or 1 night if am not out of town that week.

    • After putting 111,000 miles on it I think it's time for something new