CHP said Don t rely on loud pipes to keep you safe loud pipes often startle...


CHP said "Don't rely on loud pipes to keep you safe, loud pipes often startle people and poison

the attitude of car drivers toward motorcyclists."

Do you have a louder aftermarket exhaust?

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  • Thats fighting words in a Harley forum! :) There is a point where exhaust is no longer alerting others you are there but instead spooking them and disturbing them.

  • I have a yoshimura r77 stainless steel 3/4 exhaust. The reason I like it is because it sounds better than stock, performs better than stock but with the insert I can ride the track. They have a 90db limit. So I have the best of both worlds. I did try a hot bodies mgp growler with a link pipe and that was incredibly loud, not as loud as the guy on the Harley with straight pipes who rides by at 2am, but it was loud.

  • How loud is it without insert? I like that the stock muffler doesn't make the neighbors hate me

  • It's not to bad with out the insert, in my personal opinion just from what I have seen at the track, a metal canister vs a carbon fiber canister seems to be a bit quieter. With the insert it's right on par with stock.

  • dont spend the money on an exhaust for the 300 or any other "performance upgrades" for that matter. save it for a down payment on a new bike, or better yet, use the money for some race courses/time at the track.

  • Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking. I got a smoking deal at $4,200 for a like new bike, but like I said I don't think a louder exhaust is worth $350. The stock one sounds nice to me

  • But I don't really plan on getting a new bike either... Not until I ride this to the ground lol

  • hard bikes to kill, you may be waiting a while.

  • Good!

  • That's the plan