chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp. ugh. maybe i will try some belt spray


chirp,chirp,chirp,chirp,chirp,chirp......ugh. maybe i will try some belt spray. anybody have success with it? only at around 45-50mph and 65 mph, really. or take the windshield of and don't hear it

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  • could swear it's at the front, but it's hard to hold my head down there at speed, and the wife won't reach over me to hold the handlebars while i do . LOL

  • lol...need to put it on a dyno lol

  • It just eco's from the front.

  • Go to the Harley store. They sell a small tube of lubricant that will quiet it down.

  • Mine did until the wrench at the local kaw shop showed me how to set it it should be aginst the inside of the pully as it walks out under load

  • I've had mine way loose, way too tight and it still does it. Made a shim and still did it. Tool maker at work making me a thicker shim now

  • I just performed the repair manual procedure an I think it took care of my chirping. Just had the rear tire replaced and I don't think the shop adjusted it right....

  • I don't remember who told me about this, but if you put baby powder on the belt it will stop the chirping. I didn't believe it but I figured I'd try it and - IT WORKS ! My belt was doing the chicken bit so I shook some powder on it. The first few miles it was a little noisy but after that it is silent.

  • Yea it acts as a lubricant..haven't tried it though

  • Go to Harley shop they have a belt dressing that comes in a tube. Used it on mine 2 years ago, has been quiet ever since.