Chasing a kick starter for 01 kdx 200 or what else will fit


Chasing a kick starter for 01 kdx 200 or what else will fit?

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  • The complete kick-starter off any age KDX200 will fit.

    If it's just the lever/arm that you need, then an 84-89 KX125 one goes onto the KDX knuckle.

  • Oh fuck yeah! Ur a legend cheers.. My knuckles good didn't want to buy the whole thing

  • I tried a KX125 lever on my 94 KDX200 and it doesn't work. Spindle is too small.

  • His right.. small spline is kx, big spline is kdx.

    But only 97-03 kdx

  • You remove the steel KDX lever arm off the knuckle, and fit the alloy KX arm to the KDX knuckle.

  • That's a later KX kick starter. I've seen one on a KDX, but I don't know how they did it.

    ALL KDX200 kickstarters use the same spline, 83-06.

  • Yeah but the spindle/shaft on the knuckle is different my kdx is 01 and the 89 kx lever went straight on my knuckle .. Saved me $100

  • The knuckle is that same too. The lever itself had one or two slight changes to the bend over the years, but nothing that really made a difference.

  • Yeah I was wondering why mine fits fine but his didn't? He must of tried the whole kx knuckle

  • I am missing the entire thing.

  • Oh OK, yeah kx and kdx spline different only the lever fits. My lever snapped in half knuckle still in tact

  • Oh ok. I took ur advice the 89 lever went straight on my kdx knuckle and it's a nice little short alloy one sits nicely under my pro circuit expansion chamber the big ol kdx lever used to hit

  • Thanks nath

  • You are The KDX guru..

    Do you Vinduro?

  • Yes, as much as I can.

  • its just the same has the km 200 engines no difference bigger top end some might try and tell you there geared different but thats shit' one off a kdx 125 would fit

  • I bought an aluminum billet kick starter made by Fredette Racing when I had my 220. Top shaft fits right onto the OEM bottom part. A great alternative unless you need the entire thing. I bought mine because the stock kicker got bent over time.