charging the battery seems to have sorted it.

charging the battery seems to have sorted it. :-)

  • Well that's a relief if not a bit of an odd out of the blue post. I will assume this is in relation to some other previous post with more context, looks odd popping up on its own though lol

  • So it's not only me.... Weird, I had that happening on one of my posts as well. Started a whole different debate... Very wtrange.. :p

  • Ditto! Did mine yesterday, thought starter motor had gone at first. Worried though as the carb pipe which is meant to fit in the battery retaining 'plate' simply isn't there????

  • I was getting 0000 0000 0000 flashing on the trip meter while it was turned off.

  • Off? Hmm that sounds weird if nothing going through ignition etc..

  • The clock would be on when the ignition is off. What's your clock radio do when its lost power? Flashes 12:00 over and over telling you to set the time...

  • well it's ok now...