charged the battery up and back on bike and nothing lol no oil or neautral...


charged the battery up and back on bike and nothing lol , no oil or neautral lights . checked fuses all ok they are . but it started fine last November , theres only a faint flickering oil light , but everything else dead ? any ideas please

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  • Take the battery out, and do a wiring check on the left and right side from the battery place.

  • Have you crossed the starter relay to see if she turns over???

  • No not yet . How is that done ?

  • In top of the starter relay there are two nuts with wire going to each terminal.. tune the key on and then on the relay put a screwdriver across the 2 terminals..

  • She should turn over

  • Mark Zzr cheers mate I'll try tomorrow n let you know

  • I have the same problem (expensive) mechanic fixed it and worked for a day and a half. I have been footering with multimeter and can't find any problems but haven't stripped to get to ignition or anything under clocks

  • Knackered oil pressure switch will knock out the fuel and oil lights I think as they are on the same ground circuit , you can change it without drain oil ..about a 50 to 100 ml will come out if that

  • Wouldn't kill all the lights though.

  • he did only say oil or neutral lights , no mention of all the lights

  • All lights are not working as well as neautral and oil light flickers slightly

  • so is it turning over , you say it started las november ? can you be a little clearer what works and what doesn't

  • It was running last November, been left over winter and battery went flat . Charged it up this year and no sign of life

  • if there is nowthing at all and the main 30 amp fuse is good it sounds like tha battery is fooked what is the voltage and current out of the battery . you could try attaching the battery and then jump start it from your car or another battery . if a plate has warped it wil discharge as soon as you chargie it

  • Right, I thought he'd lost the lot.

  • I'd suspect either the battery or ignition switch are boogered. Is there any voltage in the battery if you put a meter on it? If there is then it's not getting to the rest of the bike.

  • Yes battery is good, guess it must be ignition switch thanks

  • Did you try making up a temporary Earth lead from the battery - terminal to the frame?

  • Not yet no mate

  • Battery holding charge had metre on it